About Me

My name is Elizabeth Derby and I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in History with a large concentration of courses in the Art Theory & Practice Department from Northwestern University.

My role as a Media and Marketing Co-Chair for the Global Engagement Summit (GES), a 5-day-long conference for emerging social entrepreneurs, required an array of media projects.  As the principal designer of materials for the conference, I devised an overarching design concept and successfully executed each project to meet deadlines.  I completed the t-shirt graphic for the summit, combining ideas from our team brainstorming session into a final product using Adobe Illustrator.  In addition, I individually compiled graphics and designed page layouts for a 50-page program, which was given to delegates, facilitators, and student staff members.  I spearheaded the ordering of all merchandise for the conference, designing laptop stickers, buttons, and a vinyl banner.  Working with GES required collaboration on several creative projects to make it a success.

I have also worked as the Marketing Chair for the Roosevelt Institute, a student-run think tank.  In this position, I built and designed all materials for our BaglessNU campaign, an effort to eliminate disposable bag usage on campus. I crafted our media outreach creating a logo to be used on web and print materials, designing a range of fliers and informational materials, and launching a blog. The blog for BaglessNU proved to be the campaign’s most successful marketing strategy, drawing attention from several new students wishing to become more involved in the campaign.  Not only did the site get more than 100 views a day, but the campaign was also featured in several articles in two campus publications, The Daily Northwestern and North by Northwestern.  The blog continues to be a resource for those looking to learn more about the campaign.

I have supplemented these extracurricular experiences with coursework, including a course on digital art focused on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  In this class, I created 5 unique projects utilizing program tools and capabilities, while also taking into account content and layout.  This course, along with other art courses gave me critical knowledge about color theory, composition, and the creative process.

My side project, a blog called Little Dipper, features stories, anecdotes, and, most importantly, my experiments in design.


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